17 Feb


yay.. perit jerih aku terbayar setelah aku tersilap jln. sepatutnya aku pergi ke arah pacific mall, malangnya personel yg berkenaan menyatakan pejabat mereka sudah berpindah ke perling mall. aku faham. mereka tersasul, mungkin kerana penat.
aku tiba di pejabat berkenaan, dgn muka panic, terkedu. the so much big building, where should i go? i knew i must go to human resource department, but where? sedang aku terkial2, buat2 muka confident, a good-hearted guy named khairil (or haizril?) called me. hihi this guy is the son of mama’s friend. just met him few days ago, pun pasal practical ni jugak la. he is 2 year younger, but believe me, he sounds, he acts.. sooo maturedly. far more matured than his age.
ok thanks to khairil (or haizril?) for showing me the HR department. he also show me which personel shall i see. i think like i’m the one who should be the adik. nevermind. waited for encik azmi (or azmil) nearly for 40 minutes. urghh.. he had something else to do. i guess something more important than me to entertain. than after 30 minutes, that kakak who ask me to wait for encik azmil told him that someone is waiting for him (which is me), for practical training. 10 minutes later, he came to me,
“siapa nak jumpa saya?”
i smiled at him, he is considerably handsome man in late twenties.
“you, tuty right?”
“yes, i am,” aku terkedu, well aku tak introduce pun nama kat kakak tu. but i guess that khairil boy told the kakak my name.
bla bla bla.. talking2.. lastly he said’
“you should not be worry, your application ni dah ok dah. give me one or two week. i will send this letter to kl, then they will provide the offer letter. when i receive it, then i should give you a call-lah,” he said, handsomely, mind you with smiling face.
“this is your number right?”, looking at my resume.
bla bla bla..
“thank you very much”, i said.

suka suka.. that company mmg lambat in processing practical attachment application. aku mmg telah dinasihatkan untuk membuat follow up sekerap mungkin. tapi alhamdulillah aku dpt.
tau tak kenapa aku cuak sgt.
lusa dah nak register practical. offer letter pun tak dpt lagi. aiyaaahh~~
esok kena jumpa encik nasarudin.
kenapa aku rasa encik nasarudin tu husband puan dalila? hehehe dah hujung sem baru perasan. chehh

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Posted by on February 17, 2004 in crash and burn


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