27 Feb

she’s so spoilt these days. her boyfriend should responsible for this.
today she helped him fixed his bike.. yeahh.. so much to help with only 2 screws she screwed. hahah
so much to do today. they went to sure heboh at padang kawat at 3pm.. when the matahari so tegak. and they finally pening kepala.. and very thirsty.. and they are actually fasting. padan muka.
hey i am serabut nih.. how to put these entry which had been 2-week-old for they not appeared here? can they disappear automatically and how to put the archieve link here.. where are the links? i mean what is the address…
oh i so jahil.
adiman i need you.. hahha plis kaming bek tu mi nau!~ wai yu wan to stay long at shah alam? enuhau, i hope yu get the job.
me.. siau oredi.
good nite

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Posted by on February 27, 2004 in crash and burn


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