06 Mar

akhir zaman
huh.. aku baru perasan. selama ni aku mmg selalu bersangka baik dgn golongan gay-boy atau nyah ini di malaysia. i thought they are only a bunch of soft man. maybe if they’re outside of malaysia aku dah takde tanggapan baik for them. my first impression was “uwekk” yucks..
hahha ni semua thanks blogs. i found few nyah’s blog in this space. adui la. i thought those nyah yg menjual diri di jln dobi atau dekat2 courts mammoth tu je yg buat kerja2 tak senonoh. tak senonoh? what do i mean with tak senonoh? well in bahasa melayu, they are somekind of pelacur. yucks.. dunno, maybe they didn’t ask the money but they are minus the money lah. and their dirty language really make me sick (are u sick tuty? sick but still carry on with the readings) hahha..
they hold a high post. i might say they are executives. system analyst, journalist, accountant maybe.. from what i’ve read, they act like a man in the office, and play drag queen for the rest of the time. they flirt and they always have someone to bring home to satisfy their nafsu i might say. and of course each of them have their ‘sugar dad’. pls guys, there are more ladies in this akhir zaman. and if there are too many andartu’s these days, it’s not us to be blamed ok! the cute and handsome one decide to be a drag queen. and some of the guys like the drag quenn. berapa sen sgt la yg tinggal for us beautiful ladies to choose. thank god, i found him early. hey sayang you dun ask for those nyah ok. haha if you jatuh to one of the nyahs.. i’ll be dead! 😛
i know why some guys like this type of guy. hahha because this nyah dun have sifat pemalu yg dianugerahkan oleh Allah kepada kaum wanita. i’m not sure whether they practise islam or not altough they have the muslim name like ahmad, budin, or what ever. but to tell you the truth, their name sgt lah lelaki islam.
haha those nyah’s like flowery2 name. and suddenly i feel geli with my blog name. my nick and so on.. what ever. i’ll always be flowerseed. this is the longest nick i have. flowermist ni sbb flowerseed punya password aku lupa and tak leh retrieve. tak kisah. i know i am a lady. ladies love flowers. most of them.
just pray to Allah, give them kesempatan utk insaf. i know not all the nyahs and soft man melakukan kerja2 yg tak senonoh tu. oh pls.. i dun want to know anyone of you!

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Posted by on March 6, 2004 in crash and burn


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