07 Mar

::it hasn’t reach the end.. however..::

heee.. guess i need to extend to complete my degree. i havent’ finished my thesis. but here, i would like to convey my deepest gratitude to these ppl (other than my parents n family) who really make me alive and keep me alive. they gonna graduate this sem.. and some dun..

1) my dearest boyfriend, thank you. i owe you a lot. you give me hope and lift my semangat. remember the days when i want to quit studying electrical. thank you, you are my life. ^_~
2) my seri puteri gals(nini, ina, gee, ainul, ibah, asmat, kamilla, narima, aishah, hmm ina daud included) especially ibah. without you pushing me to study. i wont be here anymore. hey girls, i miss you all a lot!! enol! i’m missing ya!
3) these SET girls, fiza, shatul, lini.. thanks. you’ve been colouring my days. sleepless nights talking and gossipping. sleeping days when we play around a lot. yeyehh.. you’re the bestest friends anyone could ask for.
4) not forgetting, hidayah hussein. ahh this girl helps me alot! she is the resource centre. tutorials? final questions? tips? only Allah knows how this girl had helped me a lot in power electrical core subjects. thank you thank you. eh dayah aku rasa aku kena bg hadiah kat kau la 🙂.
5) last but not least, all my friends here.. tanpa korang. siapalah aku. 🙂 ramai nak sebut. tp korang tau kan korang mmg kawan2 aku. sayang korang!

yeay.. i have finished my exams. feeling sad. i dont have these ppl around me next semester. ahh i deserve this. never mind. i still have that botakku yg comel. thanks dr norsheila. you helped me to answer the question exam tadi. i was so blur. “just modify the last 8 bit”. suka suka!

i need to sleep. i cant sleep last nite. i have to wake up early to ask shatul rite after her subuh prayer. later this evening lini laughed at me because i dont have a chance to sit properly to ask shatul the question. cehh.. of course la, last nite both of you sleep so early. i cannot find the answer. i sleep la. hihi..
“shatul, camne nak dptkan total subnet dgn host dr subnet mask?”, with half asleep. hehe i’ll keep this story to my anak cucu.

oh God.. i am so sedih. yes i am glad my friends are graduating this sem. good luck my friends. take care. semoga berjumpa lagi. oh.. this is sad.

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