13 Mar

::kan dah ckp~::

huhu my bestfrens are going back to their hometown. huk huk. i’m gonna miss nini, i’m gonna miss ibah. after more than 10 years we’ve been together at the same place, now we’re apart. see.. i’ve told you. i dont want to cry, but i cried when nini said, “meh peluk”.. it’s damn sad~! dulu masa f5, sedih jugak, but not as sedih as this time. together we’ve been established an extra kuat bond of friendship.

we woke up early this morning, niat di hati nak mengambil gambar sunrise di ufuk timur. tapi tak dpt pun amik gambar nye. tak kisah lah, but we had a good time together, for the last time. but damn, my digicam battery was weak. luckily we had nini’s digital and ibah’s camera. yes.. it was so much fun.

i’m emptiying my room right now. seems this is the last chance i have to kemas the bilik and return the key to college’s office afterwards. this evening i am going back to kampung for kenduri kawin of my cousin which is tomorrow. then that night, will rush return to jb becos on monday morning we’re (ktc’s movement 99) going to mersing. huh the last activity before masing2 balik kg tanam anggur.

i am going to miss all the fun we had together.
love all my friends, haha of course i love him too.

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Posted by on March 13, 2004 in crash and burn


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