17 Mar

do you know how to trash the internet when it work so slowly? damn it. aku dah type byk dah. biila aku nak publish, connection was so slow, pastu tak leh show page, aku refreash, hilang dah semua yg aku type. ntah pape.
anyway aku baru balik dr air papan smlm. the stay was fantastic with those terrific friends. but one thing on my mind right now, eventhough i’m already in jb, my car is in mersing. he broke down! the hose connecting the water tank with the radiator pecah/bocor on the way to mersing. and it gave me this feeling- i feel like another kancil is on my head! because the engine was superly overheated, the gasket senget and allow water flow into the engine. ah you know what happen now? the car tak leh start oredi mehh.. 😛

click here

i had to leave the car there. here my deeply thanks goes to my friends, yg bersusah payah tolong aku, korang sgt caring. special thanks for ma sugar babe, without you, i’m in the deep shit. hahhaha. thank god his kampung is mersing. he has family there, then i know which workshop is the best in town.
yesterday, i realise the meaning of caring, felt the sweetness of sharing, enjoy the value of friendship. i never been too close with the guys before, ah thanks for the warm welcome. thanks guys. they are my friends. though they didnt help with the car thingy, but they lighten my burden. they wait together. consistently showing their concern. if a drop of water could tell how much i thanked you, i’ll send you a ribut taufan. hahaha

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Posted by on March 17, 2004 in crash and burn


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