26 Mar

+err.. hello+

now: i’m hungry
in 2.5 hrs: i’m going to lunch outside. ermm cs maybe

aiyoohh.. i’m late to work today. i’ve ironed my shirt last nite, but this morning it recrumpled. haishhh.. buat kerja 2 kali. i was 5 minutes late actually. i was supposed to get out from my neighbourhood by 7.15am, but i was still eating my breakfast at home by then. hak hak.. tak kisah la. *pandu kereta laju-laju*. tp.. my car after the 2nd time service kat sri pulai, dah tak pick up. masuk gear satu cam terkedek2 bwk kereta 660. come on la. if byk org its ok la if he wants to lenggang kangkung. i dunno what’s wrong, i’m not good at it. i’ll service it myself when i have my own money. my biggest regret was, i didn’t ask the foremen why he didnt change the big hose. becos the car performance was far more better than current performance. iskk.. *nanti aku dah kawin nak servis kat mersing-lah* hahaha 😀

takde kerja hari ni. selamba2 aku turun guna laptop anem ni. kat atas pun boring. ohh talk about ‘boring’. today at the office, they receive a letter from JKR..
“semua borang-boring hendaklah diserahkan kepada..”
kalau la boring, takyah la tunjuk sgt en JKR oi.
boring sgt agaknye.. sbb surat tu dah kena reject byk kali.
sian tul jabatan kerajaan ni.

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Posted by on March 26, 2004 in crash and burn


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