27 Mar

+hmmm i’ll see what i can do today+

aku berkuasa utk buat apa je aku nak buat hari ni. hahah aku dah tak kuasa nak tunggu org bg kerja kat aku. the engineers and the construction manager takde kat sini. semua dah gi mana aku pun tak tau. biar la. today is half day. arghhh kalau mcm ni la dunia pekerjaan. haha aku bleh mati bosan. hmm maybe semua ni sbb they didn’t include me. sbb M+E works belum start pun. and they do not have any point to ask me to join them. but.. err my department manager surely gonna ask me where do i hilang at this moment. hihi
“sir, i went to 2nd floor. i was searching for the definition of HT”..
HT is high tension. but i dunno what is high tension means in electrical aspect. ohhh anybody pls help me. isk isk takkan semua i nak tanya kat prof. malu le.
anyone knows prof abdullah suhaimi’s email? pls tell me ye. urgent!.. his contact number pun can do la.
haha with this superly broken english. i am very confident to converse in english here. tak tahu kenapa.

downcount to time to go back.
this is bad!~

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Posted by on March 27, 2004 in crash and burn


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