30 Mar

+matahari belum sejengkal+

bila aku dah selalu gi tapak pembinaan, baru aku nampak rumitnya diorg ni buat kerja. penat tu. yg dlm bgnn pun bukan ada kipas, aircond apa lagi. nak harapkan angin je la. kalau takde angin, panas la.

yesterday i learnt how to thread the conduit. secara kasar nampak senang, bila dah buat, tak la susah sgt kalau buat satu, kalau nak buat byk2, melecet la tgn. that what the supervisor told me, “mende ni awak kena tau, nanti awak jadi engineer jgn tau nak ketuk kepala org bawah je”. thank you sir.

yesterday my supervisor told me, “ok tuty, this is a very interesting job. we’re going to throw this HT cable and divert the whole system according to this new one,” while showing me the plan. whoaaa, aku rasa sgt hebat. it’s HT cable beb! bukan wire tepon dlm rumah tu. they are going to dig the ground bwh rail track, current custom complex from jln tun abdul razak to hotel malaya at stulang (if i’m not mistaken). sadly the permit only from 10pm to 7am. camne? i may not to attend if i do not have anyone to company me. the supervisor said i could bring my brother to teman.

it’s lunch time now. aku ngantuk ni. the whole morning kat site. i’m full already. that’s why my eyes so heavy. oh.. sakit perut also.

adiman congratulation. you’ve got your scroll already yea.. yeayea. bila mau belanja gwe mkn? hahahha sorry dude, no flower, i’m only missflower. :p.

my supervisor and the supervisor went to custom for the cabling (tak tahu spell! mooke help me pls) and didnt ajak me. gwe benci deh. hanya kerna gwe ini cewek saja. oh ye one thing. aku sudah mula rasa rimas with one guy that keep sms’ing and calling me since yesterday. he is so~ rimas’ing. bluergh~!!!

i am sleepy and hope i’m sleeping rite now!

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Posted by on March 30, 2004 in crash and burn


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