01 Apr

+it is good+
wey.. it is good for me to have this pms season. haha i’m more loud. berani utk menyatakan ‘tidak’. yeay.. i said to one the supervisor who these days keep addressing himself as ‘abg’ and me as ‘dik’. that’s bullshit right?
so today i keep my muka ‘taik’ to him. mampus la dia nak ckp aku merajuk la pulak. ah sudah. he is so ‘budak lelaki’ gatal. man.. he is a grown up man with a wife and 2 kids. just now when he asked me to help him to copy drawing (again)! mcm dia tak boleh buat sendiri. i said loud and berani. “saya tak boleh tolong encik sbb saya nak siapkan kerja saya, supervisor saya nak kerja ni cepat!”. terus buat muka taik dan busy! tak pandang dia langsung.
when later he said something and ended the sentence with something like this, “ kat abg“. my tempereture rised up and i said, “apa encik ni abg abg. saya geli la”. with more muka meluat and muka tahi.
aku puas hati hari ni.
i report to my dept manager.
i asked him is it ok for me to express my disagreement to that somebody if i dont want to naik motor with him.
my manager’s face sangat terkejut. he never knew his anak buah buat camtu.
aku ckp dgn dia eh jgn marah.. mcm ni. so i talk slowly.
he understand what i mean.
and he will convey my msg to that gatal person.
thank you Allah.
you gave me the strength.
thank you for giving me this pms mood.
*tuty bersyukur*

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Posted by on April 1, 2004 in crash and burn


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