09 Apr


berapa lama aku tak update? takde la lama sgt. tp rasa pelik aku tak jumpa komputer beberapa hari. this few days i feel sedikit hambar. kat ofis kerja yg ntah pape je aku buat, update drawing la.. pendek kata, budak2 practical kat sini kena cari kerja sendiri, PLUS jadi assistant pada supervisor masing2. aku ni nasib baik la tak kena photostate manjang, at least aku kena update drawings from the document control centre. mula2 aku cam tak suka sbb byk kerja nak buat, but my sv comfort me, “tak pe tuty, slow2”. man.. he is a good guuy. hmm he’s 27 (or more), single and berkerjaya. anyone? hahah bodoh betul aku gi promote dia nih.

yerterday i went to one of the small project handled by this company. it was an electrical works la, thats why i was diarahkan by my sv to go there. out of my knowledge (padahal aku ni org jb), itu kawasan tunda. but i saw a car there. it was the contractor car. oh the place is behind the merlin tower, beside the mobil station, near the current custom complex. aku dgn 2 org budak ni, sibuk la bertanya pasal HDD (horizontal directional drilling) pd kontraktor kat situ, tetiba one of the girl jerit, “kak tuty! kereta kak tuty kena tarik”.. bluergh.. this time its no fun seeing my car on tow!! unlike the last time. cis..

i panicked! i asked the MBJB officer if i could settle it there, dia kata takleh. so fine i have to pick up my car at extra. bluergh.. i called my sv. dia terkejut. and he asked “tadi kan saya dah suruh awak ckp kat kontraktor tu”. aikk he didnt say a word beb. marah plak aku masa tu. he asked me to wait for him. dah panik mana nak tunggu sejam dua lagi! then we decided to balik ofis by taxi.

kat ofis, i still couldnt see my sv’s batang hidung, he was having a discussion. ceh.. to make the story short, we went to the admin, but the person we wanna meet is not in the office, so we asked a kakak there what shall we do, dgn sombong nye she said “oh, in that case, you just have to pay some amount of money, and you can get your car back la”.. stupid she is. if i was shopping masa kereta kena tarik mmg la aku bayar. but i was on duty! gila!

lastly we found an officer who could help us. later lunch time, my sv called, aku dah kluarkan kete dah masa tu! kalau aku nak tunggu dia, kering aku kat tengah bandar panas2 tu tunggu dia. i had to pay RM95 for the towing service, yg ni mmg takleh tolak ansur. and compound RM100, yg ni org tolong settle.

balik2 ofis, my sv called. i went to meet him. he asked what happened. tell the whole story. and he ganti my money!.. oh he is so baik. dunno what to say. hmm i was reluctant to accept the money even i know i have to use the allowance just to pay the towing service. but he assured me he’s gonna claim the money from admin. and that kakak from admin told my sv “kereta dia kena tarik dia suruh kita bayar!”. friends, i didnt say like that. i just asked her, “mcm mana nak buat”. she is so stupid. she is pregnant right now. we know she doesnt like us the girl trainees. nanti tgk la anak dia muka cam kitorg. sure dia phobia!

thanked god i went to the project site with the 2 girls.. and went to pick up the car with them, becos i was out of cash! thanks michelle and yati.

to enol, congratulations girl!.. haha she’s gonna start her career next monday. same as adiman. wey la.. both of you kat kl!

*i’m missing someone, but i never know its gonna be this hard*

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