23 Apr

+uhh friday oredi?+

ladies survival course. we (trainees) attend the course this morning. hihihi it’s all about how to prevent perkara2 yg tidak diingini berlaku contohnya ragut, rogol dsb. when they (3 policewomen) talked about ragut, sexual harassment, rape cases. they really bored us. but when one of them from narcotic dept took her turn. each eyes in the meeting room wide open. why? she told us the real cases. hmm she said its secret, so i’m going to put it here.

my bugz went off to kl. tiba2 je tadi lepas solat jumaat he called me.

“i need to go kl to submit the documents. tomorrow we have a date right? if i late, can you pls wait for me at my house. you can lepak with my mom and sisters. just wait for me”.
“hmm tak pe la. nanti kalau lambat sgt nanti saya kena balik rumah dah, nanti mlm”
“ok tak pe camtu nanti kita mkn kat tmn u eh”

this evening i called him,

“esok kalau saya awal, awak dtg rumah saya eh”
“bg tau awal2, kalau saya dah sampai rumah, awak faham je la”
“ok, kita jumpa esok”

believe me, tomorrow he’ll fly the car if he can!! hahahhahahhaha

*jek, baru lu tau camne gua menanggung rindu amarah minggu lepas. bagus la lu ni jek.*

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Posted by on April 23, 2004 in crash and burn


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