25 Apr

+in the morning+

whoops, usually, paling lambat aku bgn pagi is 6.30, itu pun cukup buat aku kelam kabut utk kluar dari rumah. hari ni.. aku bgn lewat sejam. yes SATU JAM!! and i only need 10 minutes to get myself ready! hmm needless to say, i didnt take bath. i didnt iron my tshirt. i wore yesterdays’s tudung and jeans. mess is my middle name. pity anim she had to wait for me, sorry girl.

nevertheless, aku yg tak mandi pagi ini, telah pergi menonton wayang. pheww.. i watched taking lives. it was rated 4 stars. after i watched it, i give the movie 3 stars. everything was ok, but i can tell who is the serial killer that FBI woman wants to find. the closest person is the least suspected, biasa la tu dlm cite2 detective2 nih.

did u watch the AIM just now? whooohoo i like the ‘klasik rock’ piece. superb!! congratulations to ramli ms. and man kidal! hahahha the singers, mus (may) did a splendid job. awie was good enough. hmm nash (lefthanded) seemed short of breath. i was mixing my cake for mama when they sing, i stop the mixer just for them!! hahhaah even siti nurhaliza couldnt stop me. sorry siti. 😛 yes siti’s voice is ‘suara emas’. precious!

my bugz just reached home from kl. my ‘ramalan’ yesterday was wrong. because he had work to be done. its ok dear. we can meet tomorrow, or next weekend. i think i want to be lazy to go balik to kampung next week.! hahahhaha see how la. if mama screams asking me balik kg, then i’ll balik kg. if not, i want to laze around and meet the boyfriend.

i am so tired today. anyone wish to work in construction industry? leave me a message, they really need mech and elect engineer.

i wish i am sleeping now. hihihi
*tolong picit bahu, salah tidur la smlm!~*

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Posted by on April 25, 2004 in crash and burn


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