30 Apr

+like the water flows+

today is my pay day! haha best. sudah dapat wang. aku nak simpan. beli minyak kereta! i got my new ic today. aku rasa menyesal tak gi photostate ic lama, pasni aku sure tak dpt tgk muka aku yg masih suci tu lagi. hmmm silap la!! i think i should have photostate copy, but i dunno where did i put it.

these days, i have so many angin in my body. sakit kepala tiap hari and my perut selalu huru hara. sakit apakah ini?

friendster so bengong these days. last 2 days i received testimonials from tirok and cheraz, i didnt reject them, but till now, they seemed do not want to appear. i received a notification today, bugz’s bro write a testimonial for me. ye la.. of course i want to read what did he write for me. tarak pun. ahh buang masa aku excited!

sorang lagi kawan aku dpt keje..
congratulations nanad akmal!!
i’m glad you’ll work in JB!~

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Posted by on April 30, 2004 in crash and burn


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