04 May

just another story..

i remembered, when i was small, i sleep with my parents everynight. me and my brother, mir, are very close. and we are so dimanjakan by our parents then. we sleep with them, in a same room but separate bed. huh single bed shaerd by 2 tiny creatures. and we used to have a leg fight everynight. we alternate position, sometimes he’d be on my left, sometime i’d be on his left. uhh sometimes, our head together, sometimes our legs tgether. yet, everyday we’ll woke up in varities of actions!

mama used to scold us, to sleep properly. dont fight before sleep. usually we sleep when any one of us, or both of us cried! and befriend again on the next day. how i wish we could be like that. act like the children? in terms of friendship, they didnt take heart so badly. they friends easily. importantly they forgive and forget. yet they do take pengajaran. they learn a lesson and wont do the same bad thing again when they get hurt. uhh mind my grammar, teacher.

me and my bro didnt want to ‘move out’. that is the reason why my third bro came out quite late. kaki sampai tak muat nak tido dua org pun tak nak pindah bilik jugak. until one night, while playing in the next room, i fell asleep on the bed. i had a nice dream. a good dream. i dont remember what i was dreaming about. but i knew it made me feel good the next morning. i told mama, i had a good dream last night, it must be because i sleep in that room. that night i paksa my bro to sleep with me.

amir is younger than me, but i must admit, i usually rely on him. he always be my saviour. when my slippers fall into the parit in front of tokmak’s house, he was the one to take it for me. when a friends of goose (or geese?) chase after me, he was the one who ride the bicycle laju2. hmmm the only period that i’ve been good to him was when mama in hospital, and amir had a fever. ayah has to go to work, i was the one to take care of him, i had to ponteng sekolah tadika. and i missed examinations and school concert. its ok, but i cannot stand when he asked, “amir nak air milo mcm mama buat”. errr.. we used to bancuh milo with cold water, hot water was a great no-no. hmm it definitely tasted so good when mama is not around. and it taste better when we lie in front of the tv, the vcr is turned ON, watching p. ramlee’s movies, giggling the same old script everyday 3 times a day. with bantal peluk and bantal lembik. umphhh pure heaven! when somebody knocked your door, remember to pretend no one at home, even when the tv was SO LOUD! just peek from your key-hole, and you’ll be safe!!

camne aku dgn adik aku bleh sgt2 independent?
kenapa kanak2 skrg ni terlalu terdedah dgn bahaya?
masyarakat kita dah tak mcm 20 tahun lepas.
aku yg blom tua pun boleh rasa.
mcm mana kalau aku ada anak nanti..?

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Posted by on May 4, 2004 in crash and burn


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