too many new things

10 May

it has been 3 or 4 days i did not update this page. so many blogger setting changed. pening already. just quarreled with my eleven year old brother. blah.. i am so annoyed with his behaviour. as the eldest, i would always be the one to be blamed. bluerghhh..

yang tua kena mengalah pada yg muda..
yg muda kena hormat yg tua..

my brother havent come home yet. he is using my car. it’s half past 11 right now. my fuel tank would be empty when he come back. i have to refill the tank tomorrow morning. so i must get up early.. ohh.. maybe the kancil is going to workshop tomorrow, to repair the clutch, absorber.. bla bla.. hmm in any case, his car also got no minyak! asal aku bwk je mesti, gerenti takde minyak. aku pun tak tau camne dia pun tau aku akan guna kereta dia. padahal keputusan utk hantar kereta ke bengkel hanya dicapai selepas pukul 9 mlm ini. entah.. camne ni. esok nak isi minyak. aku ada seringgit je dlm purse ni wei.

kenapa aku rasa sedih sgt ni.

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Posted by on May 10, 2004 in crash and burn


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