i must learn to run

17 May

it has been quite a long period i have not write anything for the entry. i mean a real piece of mind. what ever. tomorrow supervisor from faculty are going to visit me here. both of my superior refuse to complete the evaluation form, where i ended fill it up myself and approved by both of them. the manager said “wow high marks!”. actually i did choose the higher point but the engineer chose a step lower. ok lah tu. even i didnt get the highest point (which is ‘7’), but i had many ‘6’s. perut aku kecut. what is the project benefits? what had i learnt through these days? am i really prepared for the career world. ntah lah. i have this slight kecil hati with one of the superiors. lantaklah. both of them kelam kabut about the lecturer visit, even admin personnel also seemed gelabah. why la why? relax lah. mcm nak exam pulak.

last saturday i watched pontianak harum sundal malam with the girls. hahha i was so excited to watch the movie. the plan to sneak out from the office was smooth. anyway we did ponteng only for 15 minutes only. haha but we punched our card at 3.30pm! we was supposed to punch out our card by 1.15pm. the movie was ok. a give 3 bites out of 5. actually i could give it 4 but i think the story didnt scare me enough. hahha but i covered myself when maya karin menyeringai on the screen and mumbled “stupid la this maya karin!”. ok la tu, takde la aku takut sgt nak drive mlm2 ke, nak tdo mlm ke. hmm but maya karin danced really graceful. her eyes so tajam. apa2 pun all the actors carried their character successfully. this film required some thinking, you must have a good memory to memorise all the flash backs. uhuhh.. i think i wanna buy the cd to re-listen what maya karin sing. she sings boleh tahan la. yes, she’s so beautiful and preserved. warning to those lemah semangat.. tak payah la tgk!. 🙂 i am not that strong pun. but i have that red sweater to cover me! haha tuty cheat!

yesterday, i went to pasar for weekly stock shopping. punya dah lama aku tak pergi sorang. all these while i only acompany my mother. aku blur nak mampus beli ikan. last2 2 ekor je aku beli. ikan pari dgn ikan siakap! haha.. sorilah mama. pastu balik pasar aku tdo. tak guna betul anak dara sorang ni. hahahahha.. mama made some kerabu. yummy.. lama gile tak mkn kerabu. i love my mom’s kerabu or urab we call in bahse jawa. i had 2 servings, di mana sudah lama tidak ku berbuat sedemikian.

less in one week, i’d turn 23. 23 is not a good number. i prefer even number. it’s so shameful to turn 23 and have not finish study yet. bluerghh..

so many road renovation at tmn u in this 3 month-period. why should i tell you here? most of you would not be at tmn u anymore. only me.. isk. sedey!~ ok lah.. till then.. tata

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