Technical Clerk

26 May

hari ni aku duduk kat tempat one of the technical clerk. dia tak dtg kerja sbb dia cuti. oh it’s ok because i could use the computer. but hey~ i am not the clerk. pls dun shower me with all the documents for filing and for sign. huhu sesungguhnya aku akan blur. hihi..

today i am feeling beautiful. in any case, if i am not beautiful enough to your eyes, it’s ok. as long as i feel good and beautiful. why so suddenly i’m feeling like that? hmm because yesterday bugz said i was so selekeh. haha i admit that. grey baggy shirt white tudung and blue jeans.. oh yes, with that slipper that usually i wear to work. really like unemployed indonesian maid! plus the slang je la because i could speak real good malay! hahah.. actually for past 2 days, i was feeling so lonely. gi kerja pun ntah pape. serius bosan. and i dun have the mood to make myself presentable. until yesterday baru la aku perasan buruknya aku. seb baik baru 2 hari. kalau 2 bulan mau tak laku saham. hahaha πŸ˜€

hanim came yesterday, but i wasn’t at the office. sorry girl. πŸ™‚ at last she could find me when we berselisih on my way back to office. hahahaha

i wanted to write an email. but i cannot go thru the yahoo mail. something wrong today. whether yahoo or internal network here.

see ya~

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Posted by on May 26, 2004 in crash and burn


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