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08 Jun

back from kampung last weekend really make me feel good. the trip to kampung this time, as usual a pure heaven. a true playground for me. playing with small cousins who has their own unique characters, make me feel good, make me feel wanted, make me feel loved. luqman with his baby face giggling happily when i swing him. ichaa a 2-year-old girl smiles sweetly when she had flower with her (kuat menyakat la jugak! mind u, she the one who sakat ppl). her brother awi, a cute 3-year-old guy.. iskkk he’s the all time favourite!.. and much more.. but i love to play with ichaa.. she’s so sweet. eh i love to play with awi.. he’s naughty. hmm i also love to play with luqman.. he’s adorable. i love them all!~.. i have more little cousins, but their older brothers can play themselves. they played at balai raya. they played at parit and made my tokmak worried so much. i wish i could turn back the time, and so i could play hide and seek, main pondok2 with nadwa and salwa. pretend to be a makcik jual sayur or a fishmonger. be a kakak or a emak. la la la.. life is so beautiful.

had durian.. beberapa biji durian sekali duduk aku seorang. yummy.. sweet and thick yellow pulp really taste good when you sit together with your family in pondok kebun. mosquitoes playing around and annoy us with their hums. manggis and rambutan too.. alahh.. nak balik kampung lagi!

balik kampung mmg best. tp yg tak best bila kena kutuk. pak lang cam biasa suka usik aku. haha kali ni mmg terkena sgt! aku tau aku dah bulat. tp cara dia cakap.. sgt buat aku geram. lantas memberikan semangat utk aku menurunkan berat badan ke tahap normal. bila dah ada kat rumah.aku rasa aku dah mcm ogre dlm cite shrek. mcm dah jadi ala2 princess fiona. minus the green skin!.. uhhuhh.. i’m not feeling good about this. i had to work up. i had to get my normal weight.. ys tuty is another name for bulat!

eh bulat cam kucing aizec! ahahhahha

tomorrow my sv wants to treat me lunch. oh it’s good. but sir, i’m on diet. but it’s ok. i sill need to eat. otherwise i’ll get gastitis.

aku pening kepala cari cenderamata utk supervisor aku yg sangat disenangi oleh aku ketika ini. dulu masa aku masuk kemain menyampah aku kat dia. dah nak abis mcm2 perhatian telah diberikan kepada aku sampai aku rasa nak sambung practical lagi 3 bulan! oh itu tipu. 😀 what should i give to a 29-year old engineer that dont require me to burn my pocket? if you’re a guy, pls leave me your opinion. i need something practical. i think about give him a book. but, what book? haha mooke maybe you can me with this. senng2 tak payah bagi pape. tp aku dah niat nak bg pape.. isk isk.

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