let me make you happy

12 Jun

oh yes!.. i can sleep.. and wake up late. i can wear my favourite worn out t-shirt. i can stay awake late at night. you know why? i’m no longer a practical trainee! oh yes! oh yes! no more sleepless night. gotta a good night sleep. hahaha report dah siap yeay~..

today is my last day at gerbang perdana as a practical trainee. have to confess, i have a slight sad feeling leaving this place. kah kah kah..(big laugh?) kinda weird i think because for all this while i keep hating this place. no no.. not that danger level of hatred. sometimes i just feel uneasy when i didn’t have any work to do. when everybody was keeping themselves busy but i only watch them from afar. when i asked, they would say “oh it’s ok, this is my work, nevermind, you just kick back and relax”.and very uneasy when you smile and nobody smiling back at you

my sv always said that i had helped him a lot. but i think i never did anything big. keeping the latest design updated was never a contribution. hmmm.. i haven’t get anything for both of the engineer and the manager. if monday has come and i could get any, it’s just they tak ada rejeki.

hah.. one thing! very surprising. one question that had been berlari2 in my thought for past 3 month at last.. answered! patut la dia tertanya2 which one is tuty irma. dan aku juga tertanya2 kenapa dia tanya aku? jeng jeng jeng.. ohh he found out about this page. i think he had been reading this for the least past 4 months. sheshhh sorry sir. if i know you gonna read my page, i would mengumpat about your anak buah even more~!! hahahaha.. err have i tercerita any my kesalahan dtg lambat? i think yes.. oh..*peace*

i should be like mooke. do not reveal about yourself so much. not even your company you’re attach with. this is how ppl find out this place. 🙂

aku malu sbenarnya!~ sbb terlebih ngumpat. pastu buat salah. aduh aduh.. i think my face turn red when i heard that. suddenly everything rushed into my mind. pastu aku terbayang org yg aku ngumpat tu. |collapse|.. eheh sir, you’re welcome to leave any comments and msg here. it’s free. hehe

and if anyone of you reading this, anyone from gerbang perdana, i am sorry for everything, for i sometimes being unfriendly, for i bergurau tak bertempat.. maybe.
and thank you for all your kindness, for the tunjuk ajar.. uhuh thank you for the drinks -coffee, milo, nescafe, choco-chinno, teh tarik, mocha, espresso.. (the list goes on).

ok enough about that. as today is last day there, the company held an majlis mkn2 for me. there was nasi beriyani (sedap gile) and fruits.. and drinks. semua org berkumpul meraikan kejayaan aku menghabiskan tempoh 3 bulan kat situ. diorg ckp tahniah dan mendoakan kejayaan aku di masa akn datang. best kan?

best kan? betapa best nya practical kat situ. korang semua sure tak percaya kan.. ada mkn2 tu semua. dpt hadiah. ramai org datang. siap ada khemah2 skali. camera flash sana sini. hmm sound too good..

it was mkn2 but not for me.. of course! there was a blood donation campaign. i intended to donate my blood. dulu tak dpt donate sbb aku tak mencapai tahap kelayakan. skrg aku dah byk mkn pun tak boleh derma darah. takpe la. tunggu another blood donation drive kat mana2. walaubagaimanapun (ceh), aku dpt tarik this new practical girl to donate her blood. whee… at least i did something good today. yeay!~

i’ll come back this monday. have to meet my sv. he better approve my report and my log book. he shall not be worry because i only write about good experiences. if only he refuse to approve, it was only would be my grammatical errors(with extra ‘s’). ohh it was so bad!~

continue to play ‘super texttwist’.

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