what are you suffering from

14 Jun

well.. i jumped (from where?) into this page. i never know that even slightest defect on our spinal chord could effect your life. possibly because of your bad sleeping habits you could suffer acne or eczema! ermm and gastitis. i was diagnosed with gastitis last week. no wonder i suffer this sharp feeling in my stomach. bloating toksah ckp. feeling full but hungry. vomit.. bla bla. aku heran. because i didnt miss my eating time. i had breakfast in my car on the way to work. i had lunch. must have lunch because it would make me suffer if i miss it to wait for 6pm to get home. pisang goreng at home is a must at 6.30pm. dinner was rare because pisang goreng sgt byk. but once in a while i did take supper. so can you tell me where am i going wrong? am such a big eater! yet i was diagnosed with this gastrik! hmm tell me y tell me y.

back in utm. i had this sharp feeling kadang2. but i ignored it. sbb jarang sgt. shesshhh.. bila aku miss mkn ni? ever fail for diet. kan fiza kan? huhu aku marah ke ni. no i’m not angry. this is fate. i accept it, but i need reasons. maybe a reason, and it must be reasonable. anyone pls answer me. doctor said maybe stress caused it. am i have ever stress? tak siap assignment pun aku jarang stress. 😛

met my sv today. he was so kelam kabut. i could not even say thanks for his kindness, bla bla.. he was not even raise his head to look at me. he just signed it. oh ok sir. thank you. but the manager didnt turn up. aiyaa.. must i come back again tomorrow? or maybe the engineer sign only would be enuff? I’LL THINK ABOUT THIS TOMORROW MORNING.

on the way back my sv called me, twice or maybe 3 times. ask about the drawings. i used to handle the drawing part when i was a practical trainee. he didnt give a damn to the drawings at the back. anytime he wanted the drawing, he just call my name. and today.. he’s in a mess. BIG mess. “hey tuty, where did you put this drawing..?” “tuty, drawing yg bla bla ni awak dapat dari mana?” “tuty, do you remember where…”.. rasa kesian.. tp at the same time, hmm padan muka! hahaha jahatnya. 😛

apsal lama org tak msg aku kat doodle board? dah takde org baca ke? mana shatul? mana hazlina? mana ainul? mana mana? apsal la aku terasa kehilangan para sahabat yg dikasihi sedikit demi sedikit. tadi gi utm. rasa sedih sbb pasni aku je yg masuk balik. shesshhh..

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