gigit lagi

22 Jun

tonite’s game gonna be tough! but i dun think i could stay awake tonite. last nite was a waste. croatia main bodoh nak mati! err sori. but i have to say the truth. haha bocor poket aku! tonite? no one wanna bet with me. or actually, i dun wanna bet. hhahaha

see, the only thing that can make me alive or at least make me feel alive is football. tetiba je kan? sbb dah takde mende lain yg lebih menarik. hari ni, mlm ni, nostril aku pedih. aku asyik nak nangis. aku tahan. tahu tak rasa sakit/pedih kat btg hidung sbb tahan sendu tangis tu camne. sampai pening2 ni.


i wish to God,
i wish i had more time,
to be with you..
i promise..
i would appreciate you more..
i would never hurt your feeling..
i’d spend my whole nite to listen to your stories..
i’d lend my pc when yours broke down..
i’d accompany you when you need to stay late at night..

but i think..
i deserve this..
i didn’t apprciate you when you were around me..
and now you’re far away..
i am alone..
with this stupid pc..
i have no one to talk..
to share my stories..
to share my giggles..

i am missing my friends.
yes you. i miss you..

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Posted by on June 22, 2004 in crash and burn


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