I think I’m young, therefore I am. 

06 Jul

It seems only yesterday we would giggle at the sight of old geezers holding hands or kissing in public. The thing I can’t figure out now is: what the hell was so funny?

There’s no denying the numbers: we baby boomers (even the youngest of us) have reached mid-life. But even as the oldest members of our club are rapidly approaching their senior discount years, we’re busily rewriting the rules about what it means to act your age.

We’ve got a different mindset than our parents or their parents had, and it turns out in this case that denial is a wonderful thing. Before us, the slogan for getting on in years was, “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.” For us, it’s more like, “I’ve fallen while wall-climbing, and I need a little arthroscopic procedure done so I can start inline skating again.” And even when it comes to age, the numbers are on our side: we’re the single-biggest demographic the world has ever known.

Call it chronological existentialism:

I think I’m young, therefore I am.

Like young people of all ages, we’re out there looking for love… in droves, just as we’ve always done everything. That means we’ve got dating options that widowed, divorced, or never-married people of previous generations couldn’t begin to imagine. It means we don’t even have to think about “settling”… for less than we want; for companionship; for whatever we can get. Our youth — at the very least, our youthful attitude — is a long way from evaporating, and the same is true of our chances of finding love.

Where might you and romance run into each other again? It could happen in dance class, at your local library, or on that whitewater-rafting trip you’ve got the urge to take. But you don’t need to don a life preserver to test the dating waters. You just need to be “out there” — whichever “there” fits your personality, lifestyle, and interests. Wherever that is, you’ll notice you’ve got a lot of company. And chances are, someone’s going to be particularly interested in your company.

Love keeps you young at heart, and from the looks of things, our hearts have no plans to go into retirement any time soon. Why should they? Heck, some of us may look back on our 20’s and 30’s and realize they were just a warm-up, a prelude to the real deal.

So, let’s not say we’re getting on in years. Let’s say we’ve been practicing youth for a long, long time (which must mean we’ve gotten pretty good at it by now). The calendar may tell us it’s been 37 years since the Summer of Love, but we older singles haven’t played out our season of romance just yet!

aku copy! bkn aku tulis ye. 🙂

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