16 Jul

hey yaaa.. hey yaaa.

the scariest thing had happend in my life today. dulu masa practical, he was the one i would elak. but today. he called! yes he called me when i was busy preparing for minum ptg. yucks.. it was the longest feew seconds in my life. he’s married if u must know. he had 2 sons. apa lagi? hisnkk.. lucky me i have reason to hang up.

a quick, “ok bye”.
press ‘red’ button.

anyone knows where has apex pharmacy at city square jb move? the old location dah jadi kedai perfume/baju. hmmm..

*klik*something to read*klik*.. a open discussion would be good for this topic.

good nite kwn2.

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Posted by on July 16, 2004 in crash and burn


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