27 Jul

my man got a new scent, he said the perfume is very ‘macho”. uh uh, maybe. he smells so jantan! ahah its ok. a scent that has capability to make each girl turn around to tercari2 which one is macho guy. 😛 it so keras. i do not mean i hate it. and it doesn’t mean i like it tho. hehe what ever.

i am so addicted to mr monk. yeay adrian monk. and sharona, his nurse. each episode ended with funny scene. i like them. i like tony shloub. takkisah la camne nak spell his name. but i like monk. 🙂

new tv series, in samarinda slot, everynight, tv3. dlm hati ada cinta. 🙂 there is ako mustapha again. ohohohh.. how i wish i can act together with him. 😛 sudahlah berangan. pernah sekali he asked me, “kalau betul ako mustapha nak kat awak camne?”. camne ek? “saya nak kut”. hahahhaha

adiman reminds me yesterday, “tuty jgn lupa paw nanad, dia dapat gaji penuh bulan ni”. haha nanad, dme suh aku paw kau!

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Posted by on July 27, 2004 in crash and burn


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