new skin

01 Aug

i had change the skin. i hope you’ll like it. i thought it looks simple. but when i put all the doodle boards, the mood script, this page look really crowded with those small windows. i have not fix it yet. i must do it, maybe later when i have extra time. but not now. later later..

watched konsert sure heboh tv3? the show was soo boring. i keep my fingers busy jump from one tv station to others. bluerghh.. the new kru artist from indonesia, the first artist under kru label, she speaks english better than her indon. i like shanty apperance, and of course when she sang “hanya memuji” with anuar zain, they sound really good. anyway, congratulations to tv3, i love tv3.. especially on saturday and sunday morning. cartoons cartoons!

oh yes, i hate to see a bapok-look-alike on stage. yucks.. ‘he’ was tv3 presenter for muzik-muzik, for i think 7 years i a row, with charmaine augustine. ya la you know who. pls.. he should speak malay properly. tak payah nak slang2 with ‘t’ and ‘s’.. and the hands, a man’s hand should be by his side, not mcm ayam patah kepak. however, he makes a lot of money on the ‘parties’ with the celebrities. hahahha

hey ok.. see ya. convocation is around the corner. hope to see ya around.

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Posted by on August 1, 2004 in crash and burn


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