hey it stinks!

05 Aug

the air is polluted. everywhere stinks. its the smell of dead cats. dead kitten actually. its weird, i saw nothing yesterday, but today the dead kittens are rotten. the flies, semut kecik2.. i cannot tolerate them, oh especially the smell. why i didn’t see them yesterday? the deads are only in front of the doorstep! pintu dapur of course. hmm did i use the pintu dapur yesterday? eh maybe no one use that door yesterday. we rarely use the door. in fact, we rarely walk around on the right side of my house. why? because there’s no pokok bunga to water everyday. but then it’s still weird, the kittens are rotten, but why today the smell is so overpowering. is it normal to see a dead cat, looked flat? the cats’ fur are still there. uh maybe its normal. aku je tak pernah nampak kucing mati camni.

the cats are not ours. but they sleep and eat here. breakfasts, lunches and dinners- never miss. they only eat leftovers. they even shit everywhere. yes, the yellow nyanyuk-old-tapi-tak-mati2 cat always ‘mark his place’.. IN MY CAR. 2 or 3 times. i feel like to baling pisau to him. but i dun want to get lock up, accused of murdering a nyanyuk-old-tapi-tak-mati2 cat. let him be. its not his time yet.

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Posted by on August 5, 2004 in crash and burn


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