aku copy juga!

17 Aug

copied from shatul. some answers i didnt change.


First best friend: zahidah, we share almost everything.. primary school
First real memory of something: dpt adik. my second bro, amir. i asked mama, “mana mama beli baby baru?”.. bcos i didn’t see mama for few days. she must go far to buy a new adik for me, kan?
First real date: urghh P. i hope i didn’t remember his name
First break-up: hahaha it wasnt hurt.
First Job: one-day surrendered teacher.
First self-purchased album: hmm f5. but i didnt remember what was it.
First funeral: arwah tokpak, 1990.
First pet: ikan emas.
First piercing/tattoo: masa kecik, it was majlis tindik telinga and jejak tanah. mind you i am the eldest cucu.
First true love: aizec aizec
First enemy: my friend along. she betrayed me.
First big trip: went to Mersing with Movement99 members.
First play/musical/performance: mase tadika punye konvo tp tak ingt lagu pe
First musician u heard in ur house: ayah. he plays piano, flute, drums, harmonica, clarinet.. he sings well too.


Current best friends: shatul, ibah, nini, enol… ramai ramai..
Current status: in a relationship
Current song playing: sunyi.. takde lagu
Current thoughts: psm
Current emotions: risau
Current wonder: connection ni apsal la lembab sgt.
Current instrument played: piano, 2 days ago
Current need: new shoes/sandals.


Last cigarette: i never had the first.
Last big car ride: entah..
Last kiss: adik.. yesterday evening
Last good cry: sunday afternoon.
Last library book checked out: belum check out. dok minjam tak pulang2.
Last movie seen: king arthur
Last beverage drank: neslo
Last food consumed: mihun sup
Last crush:= current crush= first crush= aizec
Last phone call made: (exclude: family members) hanim this evening
Last time showered: 3pm
Last shoes worn: hmmm tak ingat.
Last cd played: 30 hari mencari cinta OST
Last item bought: barang dapur! hahaha
Last annoyance: ada org sindir “tahniah tuty” masa convocation baru2 ni. aku tau aku belum grad. dia dah grad. sial la. senyum2 sinis.
Last disappoinment: tak sempat pergi tunggu nini kat exit dsi. her session ended so early.
Last soda drink:hmmm.. tak ingat. lama dah
Last ice-cream eaten: last sunday. vanilla
Last shirt worn: jaya jusco free tshirt
Last website visited: shatul’s blog

Layer One:

Name: Tuty
Birthplace: Hospital Bersalin KL
Current Location: JB
University: UTM
Eye color: black
Hair Color: black
Height: 155cm
Righty or lefty: Right
Zodiac sign: gemini

Layer Two:

The shoes u wore today:sandal.. no shoes.
Your weakness: malas
Your perfect pizza: all of them
Goal u’d like to achieve: short term = finish my bachelor degree. long term = get a job, a car, a house. and a happy family.

Layer Three:

Your most overused phrase: “elelelele..”
Your thots 1st waking up: arghhh nak masak apa hari ni? isk psm psm
Your bedtime: varies. paling lambat kul 4. paling awal kul 11.
Your most missed memory: school life
Layer Four:

Pepsi or Coke: coke. vanilla coke to be exact.
McDonald’s or Burger King: Mc D Im lovin’ it!!
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: ice tea
Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
Cappucino or coffee: tak kisah. aku jarang minum kopi.

Layer Five:

Smoke: no
Sing: yes
Take a shower everyday: yes
Have a crush(es): apsal dia tanya byk kali?
Do u think u’ve been in love: heh.. definitely.
Want to go to a college: already
Want to get married: yes.. the sooner the better! hahahha
Do people think u’re attractive: no.. just plain tuty.
Get along with ur parents: Yes… but sometimes i have hard times with ayah.
Like thunderstorms: no
Play intrument(s): piano/organ.. sikit2. recorder tere!

Layer Six:

Age u hope to be married: 26.. tp kalau ada duit and restu both family, the sooner the better. hahahah
Numbers and names of children: 3 – 5.. names belum fikir.
How do u want to die: with my loved ones around me, teach me to mengucap. and i hope i wont face the difficulties to see HIM.
What do u want to be when u grow up: a good human being
What country would u most want to visit: japan

Layer Seven: (best la layer nih)

In a guy….
Best eye-color: dark brown
Best hair color: plain original black.
Height: taller than me
Best weight: as long as BMI ok.
Best articles of clothing: casual and smart. kemas dan bersih. tidak selekeh! no slipper!!!
Best first date location: definitely bukan tmn bunga! my first date with him.. i help him to choose a new wallet. and he agreed with my choice.

Layer Eight:

Number of drugs taken illegally: ape ingat aku drug addict ke?
People I trust in my life: My Family & My Bestfriends
Number of CDs that I own: cd original ke cetak rompak? hahaha
Number of piercings: satu kat tinge kanan satu kat tinge kire jumlah 2..
Number of tattoos: no no
Number of things in my past that I regret: 1. i didnt do well in my first and second year. regret!
2. i was rude to my teachers (some of them). regret!
3. scolded adik2 sampai diorg takut gile, menggigil. pity them. regret!

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