23 Dec

so what if i do not know how to take care of my car? should i get the insults at the workshop? right there? straight to my face.


my cylinder oil tank leaked. i know it leaked because my minyak hitam kering! then i told my dad about it, he refilled, twice! but, there was not any single oil drop at the parking. i was so confused. who steal my minyak hitam? bodoh! the first time dad thought maybe the screw is not tight enough. so when the screw had been tighten, we refill the minyak hitam together. but then when the same thing happen for the 2nd time, dad said.. gi kedai~!

so i went there, alone. waiting for my car to be fix. everything had been explained to the taukeh through the phone by my dad. so there was me, feeling sick at the workshop. while the foremen did not utter a single word, the situation get meriah! and i get the insults.

no, no, not the foremen. the mechanic? well, what the difference between the foremen and mechanic? but they did not insult me. not even the taukeh.


it was the newspaper lady next door.

“aiyaah, lu minyak hitam abis pun lu tak tau jaga ka?”, with the ‘you-are-so-dumb-i-am-better-than you’ face. together with the, “huh”! and the eyes.. apa jeling2? aku debik karang.

“sbb minyak hitam saya kering la saya dtg sini, sbb dah isi pun dia kering jugak, ada bocor”.. i stopped just before my mouth spill any “babi” or “bodoh” word from my mouth.


it went just ok, even there was a big crowd looking at my car engine. there was an old chinese man, probably the taujeh father, there was old nyonya, selling breakfast (with the newspaper lady), there was another man looking at my car while he was waiting his car to be fixed, there was.. oh i don’t know who they were. there must be something interesting with my green kancil. they do not even bother to look at the estima next to me, or at the satria inside there. why me?

i know why.. because the chinese newspaper lady knew she couldn’t insult the man with big car. she’s a coward! she thinks i am just another cow.

and when the foremen check my battery, the water and everything usual. she cried..

“lu kereta tak tau jaga ke? air sudah mau habis lu tak tau ka?”.. again with that face. she poured some water to the water tank, until full.. mind you it was full, but i am sure the water surely sudah kurang right now.

“air tak habis la, ini kan ada maximum dgn minimum, air saya kan dekat sini tadi”.. dia senyap.

“kalau isi penuh2 pun tak apa”, nak cover balik.

sambil tunjuk tiub utk extra air keluar, “ini kan ada, sbb tu kalau isi penuh pun, air nanti keluar jugak, air masa panas kan banyak”..

ohhhh.. she went away in silence.

she thought she knew how to teach me huh? i know la ‘my water’. i know la my batter water. lu nak ajar gua hah? kereta gua pernah overheated pasal hos air pecah la beb. gua particular betul dgn air-air nih. lu naik kancil jugak, gua pun naik kancil jugak. tapi bukan sbb sbb lu dah jadi semi-nyonya, lu lagi pandai dari gua. gua tak kisah kalau lu nak tegur, tapi jgn sampai lu nak ckp mcm tu, sambil kawan2 cina lu gelakkan2 gua kat workshop tadi. skrg lu tau sapa pandai jaga kereta hah?

i feel dumb, i feel sick at the workshop, with everyone talking and giggling when i do not understand a single word of it. but of course, the taukeh is kind and friendy. at least.

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Posted by on December 23, 2004 in crash and burn


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