26 Dec

i know i shouldn’t have coffee after maghrib. hmmm now i’m here. sitting terbeliak mata at almost 4am. hmmph.. what makes christmas more meaningful, huh? lying on my bed and staring the blank space between me and the ceiling.. at 3.30am.

i have books to read but not in the mood of reading. i want to sleep but i cannot sleep. and it makes me berangan, those sexy ones. hmphh.. what a confession. but i manage to stop. *smirk* now i’m fighting with mosquitoes. 10 yrs back when we moved to this kampung, there’s NO mosquitoes. and the night was so cold, we do not even need any kipas angin. and when you woke up in the morning, it was so.. hrmmm kabus-ie? ohh.. i cannot recall the word kabus in english.

oh ya, i know my english is highly fragile-broken easily! hahhaha.. that makes me malas to read a book that i borrowed from library. i cannot understand a sentence without reading it twice, at least. but.. its ok, i’m use to it. there’s barely 3 mm-thick that i’ve read. and 3 inches more to read, re-read.

i’m hungry at 4am. dear God, don’t let me step to the kitchen, pls.

thinking to bug him at this hour. hmmm.. no it is not good. but it’s fun to make him angry, occasionally. ok, let’s try. 🙂

“honey, wake up! it’s zohor already! what? you’re still sleeping? hey bgn laaa..
tgk jam dah kul berapa ni. bgn bgn!! UP! now you jump. open that sleepy eyes!


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Posted by on December 26, 2004 in crash and burn


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