27 Dec

have you watch Osama? the new movie. i’ve read the reviews.. sounds good. the ratings at the cinemaonline pun baik. yahoo users rating pun baik. tapi cerita camni, bukan jadi kat semua tempat. TAPI org yg jahil kat barat tu ingat semua tempat negara Islam camni. eh takpe, satu je review camtu, yg lain cuma ckp pasa movie je. so sepatutnya aku tenang.

Set in Afghanistan, just as the Taliban began to take over, as women found themselves forbidden from coming out onto the streets unless accompanied by a man or a boy. The story focuses on a mother and a grandmother who have no living husbands or sons, so they disguise a daughter (Golbahari) as a boy named Osama so that she can escort her mother as she leaves the house, looking for work.

and this what i found in Yahoo Movie Reviews..

Devastatingly True
Its exactly what is happening in many muslim countries. it is the cold hard truth and many people dont like it because they are horrified by this reality that is taking place in the world today. it is a wonderful, true, breath-taking movie, everyone should watch it.

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Posted by on December 27, 2004 in crash and burn


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