02 Feb

my younger sister (of course, because i’m the eldest) no longer at home. now she’s staying at the asrama puteri ssi. hmmm it is so good for her to learn how to take care of her own stuff, her own belongings. no more jerit pekik to her to kemas her own books and bed. hmmm.. but the baby sister is missing her now. she’s been so muram since.. ermm yesterday. she’ll get use to it, i hope.

he promises to buy me a so lawa-cantik-must-have-dress, IF i could clog the drain with my extra unuse fat! ok. if i could shed few kilos, right bumps at the right places(hhehhehe), get back my long-forgotten-normal weight and of course if i could squeeze myself into the dress.

now, this is the time, to ignore my car, to lock everything that lockable, chain the tyres, throw away the keys. i will walk everywhere. change my eating habit, my oh-malasnya-nak-jalan habit. i must jog every morning. i must eat no santan. work out. NO PAIN, NO GAIN.. but why haa? i suffered no pain, yet i gain so much. something wrong with the quote, i think.

actually, he had put more than 10 kilos than i first knew him. was so skinny and he had hair on his head. now he prefered to shave it clean everytime, and comfortable with extra baggage in front. just imagine how he’d look like when he lie down on his side, supporting his head with his arm. waaaaaaahahahha.. eh tak eh tak.. he had burn some fat already.. a little. 😛

what had happen to us in 6yrs?
a fat happy couple. (“,)

happy chinese new year to all my chinese and half-chinese friends. rooster this year, kan?MY MOM WAS 6-MONTH PREGNANT, 24 years ago.. i’ll turn 24 while mom, 48, both in May.

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Posted by on February 2, 2005 in crash and burn


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