06 Feb

i am suppose not to write when i do not have any single idea on what i would write. :P.. but when i read this page, maybe i could write something. hahha sorry ok kuki. 🙂

no, i don’t celebrate valentines day. but i did celebrate this day when i/we was in school. this is the time when the librarians collect money by selling chocolates with dedication, from this “S.A” to this kakak, from this student to the favourite teacher, from a girl to her bestfriend. the nature lovers club members selling self-made bookmark (also with dedication) – padahal diorg kutip bunga rumput kat tepi padang pastu keringkan-gam-tampal plastik-tulis ‘be happy’, ‘smile always’ or something like that. almost every clubs and organizations in the school would do something, from selling chocolates to flowers.. and anything. semua nak ambil kesempatan ni, kaut untung!! hahhaha but of course, our price was so ‘reasonable’ – RM3 for each dedication. i think only the prefectorial board je tak buat mende nih. heh..

it was silly but it was so much fun. since the tukang kutip duit would be from our circle of friends, we could know who this “S.A” and the kakak, batch ni beriye2 sgt nak jaga nama batch (our senior la biasa nya), bla bla bla.. so much gossips, never one of them akan tertinggal dari mulut ke mulut. pastu kalau sorang tak tau, “satu sekolah dah tau kau sorang tak tau?” remark she would get.

5 yrs in that school, 5 years of sweet and sour memories, we always talk about our dream guy. he must be tall, not dark! and handsome would be bonus! but the dream guy would always be the perfect one, even we know very well that perfect type of guy only exist in romance novel. and i hope i would be happy with this almost good guy, at least for me. 🙂

i still practise the v-day tradition that i had brought out from the school. wishing the girlfriends and friends. but when i met him, he make me realised. so ridiculous! the only day to show our love to our loved ones? then only i read all about the history of v-day.

NO MORE.. ok? but i still like to read the valentine day cards. 🙂 especially the BIG one. gile ke apa?

still, even without the v-day, all the kakaks back in school, still got their ‘food dedication’ from their “S.As”, EVERY WEEKENDS. hmpphh.. i never was the popular one. hahahha

but shahirah was good enough to terima my pesan to buy me murtabak and chocolate (bila co-op abis stok) when she went out with her family. perrnah sekali dia bg aku chocolate, but she wasn’t any “S.A”, she was afraid of me. i was only being friendly when i asked, “eh kinder bueno? kat co-op dah ada eh?”.. dgn muka kecut2, “kak tuty ambikla”.. hhahhaha if only i could ever ask you again shahirah, i would ask the chocolate together with goodday chocolate milk!

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