10 Feb

semalam aku pergi melawat. sincerely it was my first ‘melawat’ other than my relatives. and it was my first experience to see the dead body been prepared – fresh clean clothes, kepala diikat supaya mulut tak ternganga, and semua tempat yg aku tak pernah tau. bukan, bukan aku buat, aku lihat shj. even when my grandparents passed away, i wasn’t there. the old lady just passed away few minutes before we arrive. she looked really calm, just like having her nap. she was comma since last ramadhan. the daughter is my mother’s collegue and they had just moved here few month ago. Al-Fatihah.

i saw her crying while reciting yasin. and.. i was wondering.

what if, i was the daughter. i am not strong if mama leave me. to take care my sisters and brothers? who should i call? i don’t even have tok imam’s number. my mom does.

what if, i am the one who leave first. would mama and ayah be strong? would my sisters and brothers be obedient? would he be tough? would they forgive me for all my wrong doings? (dosa sesama manusia, hanya manusia yg memaafkan)..

mengingati kematian itu juga mendapat pahala.

selamat berhijrah. i wish, i hope, i’d be anak solehah, and a good friend.

any tips for anger management?

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Posted by on February 10, 2005 in crash and burn


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