13 Feb

lately, i’ve been receive few invitations for ‘friendster friend’. usually i’ll check the ‘susur-galur’ how they connected to me. well, they are only a degree away. from the ‘connected list’, i only can only assure, they did not know me, they only remember me as one of their seniors back in high school. hoohooo..

heh, gua tak ingat lu org jek!

sorry la korang. hmm.. but still, i clicked “Accept”.

they were from my cs batch. form 1 (1998). kalau diorg nih cs(cs= college sister) aku lain la.. owhhh i know!! maybe i was among the popular ones? hahaha BULLSHIT!! i don’t even see my cs in friendster. my cs.. whaa?? what’s her name? Azrin? Azlin? hahahhaha

i could remember my senior cs so well, but i couldn’t think any small detail of my junior cs. sorry cs, but we weren’t close. you’d always shy shy away when we berselisih kat tangga blok. but what i remember, i had S.As among her friends. owhhhh.. apsal ingat balik aku geli2?

aku masih boleh ingat dgn baik sampai batch yg masuk f1 in 1997, which was shera’s batch especially those who were in Ruby house. bakinya? aku mixed up.

kalau ada org dtg “ehhh kak tuty!!!!”.. i would reply.. “ehhh awakkk!!!” sambil dlm kepala. “siapa?”..
“kak tuty ssp kan?”
“aah la.. awak jugakkan?” cehhh.. pandai tak trap!!
“tapi awak batch siapa eh?”.. dan seterusnya..
pastu baru la boleh recall dia ni budak sapphire/ruby/emerald/topaz. duk dorm mana semua. hahaha.. aah ye!! aku ingat dia duk blok mana! pasal tu aku susah sgt nak pandai2 belajar engineering. pasal byk sgt yg tak patut ingat aku ter-ingat. aku happy kut masa skolah, tu pasal senang ingat. now? less-happy probably. 😛 seb baik bukan happy-less.

satu kelemahan besar aku. aku susah ingat muka org. 🙂 dgn susah nak ingat lirik lagu! hahahaha

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Posted by on February 13, 2005 in crash and burn


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