14 Feb

in local newspaper newspaper today (NST), i find this news is so hilarious. hahaha but when i read it online – less funny. maybe because, reading the real paper is more pleasurable. hahha the paper version has added something like jadual, real english with kelantanese way..

Speaking English, Kelantan way
Syed Umar Ariff

JELI, Feb 13: Some teachers of English are “Kelantanising” the language, resulting in their students wanting to play pang-pong.

The result is that these students, especially from the rural schools, are going about speaking English a la Kelantan.And some are going to the cinema to watch de mae wi de goldae gae (The Man with the Golden Gun)!

All this is upsetting Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Mustapa Mohamed, who attributes it to the lack of experienced English teachers in the State.He said here today that most teachers were not keen to teach in rural areas in the first place and were contributing to the students’ weak grasp of the language.This had far-reaching consequences as the students were unable to communicate properly and were severely handicapped in institutions of higher learning, he said.Mustapa urged the Education Ministry to look into the matter to prevent the further decline of the students’ performance in this subject.He said there were schools which had to depend on inexperienced teachers as there were no experienced teachers for English.

“This is one of the reasons why there is a huge gap in the standard of English between urban and rural students,” he said.”Teachers must change their mindset and help our future generations,” he said after presenting Bakti scholarships and Jeli Mara Science Junior College letters of offer at his house here.

Mustapa said some rural students in institutions of higher learning were unable to take medical and technical courses because they were weak in English.”I had a discussion with the Education Department recently and feel that this problem can be solved,” he said.He added that the Education Department should be strict on the matter as the progress of rural students should not be compromised.

this what the jadual in the paper told me:

  • be’ – bed(((hahah baru aku tau asal usul be’ nih!!!!!!!)))
  • beghek – brake/break
  • kona – corner
  • kaf te – caftan
  • smart – sma
  • syokak – shortcut
  • kenok – cannot
  • bo – book
  • kabureta – carburator
  • goeste – go astern (((haaaaaaahahahhahahahhahaha)))

hahhaha.. bukan tak pernah dgr. tapi.. tapi pernah BACA!! hahahha cam aku tulis entry jawa la hari tu. sape baca dan faham sure gelak. sadly, takde sape paham selain Helen.

*by the way, what does ‘playing pang-pong’ mean? really, no idea. heh :)

p/s: aiem so slipi, ai wa go to slik.. guknai!

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