24 Feb

hmm i’ve thought of ‘cuti blog’ for few weeks since i’d be busy until april, but hello. nonsense. just ask zaha how long did he put himself on ‘hiatus’ mode. hahha sorry zaha, gua gurau. aku pun pernah nak hiatus2 nih. tapi fail.

i was so want to sleep late 2 days ago, but last night i was soooo want to sleep at 3am, but my eyes behaved like ‘apahal nak tdo?’.. masa tu la aku ada idea nak blog mcm2. dr current issues sampai la hal-hal agama dan kerohanian. sigh.. at last i slept at almost 4 and woke up at 7. hinkss.. you know what i mean.

salah satu yg aku fikir smlm.

  • public canning for rape cases.

nowadays we’ve been drowned with rape cases, altogether with stupid fathers, brothers, uncles, step-fathers and even grandfathers. based on a study by a science lecturer, total cases increase from year to year. and what he found was, one of the major factor leads to this situation is, the selling of aphrosidiac products openly. such as tongkat ali. ok, we all know that tongkat ali increases one’s stamina, but at the long run, someone who took tongkat ali everyday or frequently would heighten his libido, weaken his ability of controlling himself. so when it happens, even a giggles from a small cute girl would ‘jentik’ his nafsu easily. they still have their binis but at that very moment, when their ‘nafsu’ ticked already, their wives went to kedai la, went to kerja la. bla bla bla..

i still remember a case in ipoh. a girl without mother (her mother had died), live with her immediate family- father, brother and they took care their old grandfather. she was only 9 or 10. her mothers relatives were somewhere else. this girl was sodomised and raped by her own father, her own brother, her grandfather (who was an imam), sometimes her uncle who datang bertandang, her brother’s friend and so on, i couldn’t remember. the news broke down to her auntie (her mother’s sister), when she visited her on school holidays. the girl was so thin and fragile. gila tak? bila masuk newspaper, semua senyum. ba**!! her father was a blacksmith, the brother was school drop-out, and the atok, the imam. celaka!

skrg ni mmg hukumannya rotan dan penjara, tapi public canning aku sure sgt berkesan. tak payah tunjuk muka pesalah pun dah cukup buat org seram dgn sebatan tu, biar tunjuk kat berita, tunjukkan around 5-10 minutes. baru org diam. of course we have to take care the kebajikan of the rapist family, that’s why the pesalah need not to show his face.

aku pernah baca artikel pasal pekerjaan seorang tukang sebat. even keluarga dia tak tahu, cuma isteri dia shj. sbb nak kena jaga keselamatan diri. dan nak jaga persepsi org lain pada keluarga tukang sebat. jadi bila nak buat public canning, kena la tukang sebat pakai armour! hahha

lagi satu pendapat aku. kes2 mcm snatch thief, ugut dan rompak ni jgn dibesar-besarkan sgt, sbb dari berita org tau mcm mana nak buat jenayah, sbb tu kes makin menjadi2. jalan sorang2 mmg tak selamat. walaupun sebenarnya jalan sorang lagi senang. 🙂

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