04 Mar

halohh.. kete besar2 nak berlagak..
P tu buang dulu dik oi.

sapa rasa dia ada kesabaran lebih?
nak adik angkat?
ni amik adik aku sorang.
tak kuasa aku nak jaga dah.

restless and cashless.

my girlfriends from high school are going to have a futsal challange tomorrow at sports planet (?) .. hmmphhh only 14 players had registered their name, but i know there’ll be more by tomorrow. the challange would be the first attempt to almost of the players to touch the futsal court. believe me, 98% of us, had forgotten how round the ball is.

the futsal challange is arranged by Ayu and sponsored by Mega(alhamdulillah). lepak, mandi, solat place by Anis and Ayu.

the objective of the challange is to get all the brides-to-be, to have fun with the single-mingle-twinkle us before they turn themselves to isteri solehah. all the spectators are encourage to play. Aida, the only mother-to-be, required to wear baju kurung. Ayu takut Aida syok plak nak join.

have fun to all of you girls. good luck to all the players. i heard they wanna split the team according to our Ruby-Topaz-Emerald-Sapphire. hahhaha..

sadly, i couldn’t join them tomorrow. i have a VERY important appointment nx week. and also, pls refer (3).

Semoga aku dianugerahkan kesihatan tubuh badan dan fikiran.

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Posted by on March 4, 2005 in crash and burn


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