06 Mar

  • what happen to my girls yesterday? i don’t know. no one has post any email on our mailing list. maybe they were so tired, maybe there wasn’t any match, maybe the sportsplanet was on fire, maybe maybe maybe..
  • i feel bitter right now. i still need to figure out the best communication plan to connect with my guy. it seems 5 years of communication-everyday-frequently is not good enough for me to convey my certain thought to him. one channel within the bandwidth is gone or need to repair, to furnish my own need. sigh sigh..
  • psychology is not working. someone is practically deaf when we talk psychology-ly. note to myself: find your skills girl, you lost it somewhere along the winding road 6 yrs ago.
  • Johnson & Johnson’s baby bedtime oil (out of malaysia, they call it lavender oil) works so well. it’s so relaxing, you can go to bed if you want to, but it won’t force you to sleep. i need to buy the botol besar! and complete it with the bedtime bath and lotion too. ngehh.. sounds like i’m lack of sleep pulak! ermm…. it’s so sensual (not sexual, guys!)
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Posted by on March 6, 2005 in crash and burn


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