19 Mar

suddenly my family members wear hermes, armani and gucci.

thanks to my mom who just came back from china. she didn’t bring much money, but she come back with all the stuff, clothes for the family, jade for her, Gucci shirt for ayah, Barbie stuff for adik, Gucci somemore for the guys.. ermm (kami wanita ahli keluarga sgt bersyukur kerana kami dpt lebih byk dari lelaki! hahahha jgn jeles ye adik2 lelaki ku sekalian)..

Hermes ties priced 5 yuen each(less than RM2.50). she bought 15. hmphhh.. the price tag for US market is $388.88. (no actually not a tag, it’s sulam below the brand name, that also sulam)
Gucci jacket for my brother cost her 50yuen (less than RM25)..
Our GAP cashmere blouses cost her less than 40 yuen.

*Note:(RM1=2.10 yuen)

she said, “kalau tak nak beli kita pergi je, nanti cina tu panggil balik”, “kalau dia letak harga, pastu kita tawar sampai 90% kurang dari tu”..

either they are fake, imitation or whatever they mean “tak ori” ke, the quality of the shirts/blouses/ties are exceptable. my blouse didn’t tear apart when i tried to squeeze my plump body into it. the Gucci jacket is sooooooo cool.. Amir, can we change gift? can you take my pink blouse and i take your blue jacket? mine is nicer what, can eh? it feels so soft on my skin. erm.. never mind.

my uncle handed RM50 note to mum before she went to china last weekend, and he got really nice sweater. hmmm.. though i got more souvenirs, but i envy the guys’. alah tak pe la tak pe la!! later, if someone came back from china and shows off his new branded shoes/shirts/apparels, i’ll laugh.

pls, i do not have any intention to show off, i just want to write my mom bargain gile babi kat china pakai calculator. lucky they have the same bentuk of numbers, “dia ckp ayam aku ckp itik”.

my family always choose soft pink for me (the young one), other colour for my younger sister, and shocking pink for my youngest sister. blue for the guys. why eh?

my mom showed the pictures she took when she went to Great Wall of China. she said, the trip to the Great Wall was supposed on the second day, but the whether was not so good because it would be snow and ribut pasir on that very second day. she looks so radiant. so beautiful. i wonder, would i have that look when i reach 48? i don’t know, maybe not. just full of hopes. she eats lots of vege and ulam, when i choose my sayur, no taugeh and tauhu. she drinks only air suam, when i really want to freeze myself with ais. if i ever get married to the man that i love, i think he’d be the one look radiant when we reach 60.

“you want my taugeh and tauhu?”
“give it to me”.

BUT, i drink soy milk and eat tempeh! he dislikes those. ok la tu kan? hahha

i went to kid section today, bought a new tshirt for my brother. i saw a nice tshirt for children age 12-13. i am wearing it now.

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