21 Mar

i really had nice meals today, twice. along with a good new imitation of pringles in between the meals. for lunch i cook (hah?), i mean i prepared fried fish for my brothers. really the ikan goreng was goreng bodoh punya, but they were really good, they were served hot complementing the steaming rice. hahahha and kicap! stupid eh, we were starving because i forgot to prepare the lunch. my parents weren’t home, that’s why i was watching tv when i was supposed to cook. i totally forgotten that i have 3 mouths to feed (ceh!).. i wasn’t hungry but i didn’t feel right when the clock ticked to 2pm, completing a weekly dose of gossips watching melodi. then only i asked my brother, “amir lapar ke?”.. “lapar la jugak”. Allah!! “ok ok, kak tuty keluarkan ikan dr peti sejuk”.. “hah?”.. hhahahahha

the dinner was really satisfying, a set of lauk kampung. you’re right, wasn’t me who prepared the dishes. tokmak sent the dishes, and rice wrapped in banana leaves, along with ikan masin and sambal belacan. my tokmak is really conventional eh? she has a whole complete set of tupperware and mangkuk tingkat, let alone bekas plastik, yet she chooses the enviromental-friendly way, her zaman muda way. it has been a very long time since the last time i taste ‘gandul jangan lemak‘ (gandul=betik muda. jangan=masak/sayur. so it means, “betik muda masak lemak”). heaven.

if i mention to aizec, that my tokmak cooked ‘gandul’, or my mom cooked ‘pisang’ for lauk. he’ll say, “poyo ah, mana ada org makan mende tu, tak masuk akal”.. hmmphh.. he must do not know that even pucuk betik can be eaten as ulam!

  • rebung buluh
  • umbut kelapa
  • batang keladi
  • nangka muda

aiyoohh.. how can i live with him when he doesn’t eat tempoyak? the smell itself makes him hate me. nasib baik mkn belacan!

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Posted by on March 21, 2005 in crash and burn


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