23 Mar

la di da la la la..

I swear, I did not put any bay leaf when I wrote the recipe! Who put bay leaf cooking their nasi lemak? Our nasi lemak. No wonder they took a looooooooooooong time before posted it there. Ok, my sentences for cooking directions were restructured, I understand that, but they also modified the recipe. Hahhaha lantak la mat saleh nak masak nasi lemak tu mcm mana pun. It can still be accepted if they change ‘screwpine’ to ‘basil’, but not to bay leaf. Babe, I don’t know how bay leaf taste ok? But, whenever I cook pun, actually I just leave the daun2 thingy because, I don’t have them in my kebun sayur! My tokmak has, but I don’t know why daun pandan don’t want to live happily with us. Daun kari? Tick. Pokok kunyit? Tick. Pokok limau nipis? Tick. Limau kasturi? Tick. Cekur? Tick. Daun selasih, daun salam, and what’s the name yg mcm halia/kunyit tu yg bunga dia bunga kantan? hmmphh we have those. But no ulam raja and daun pandan. Of course, no bay leaf.

Aizec is suspected for having.. ermm? No, he is not a criminal. Having dengue. I can’t sleep. I cried if something bad would happen to him. Ok, suspected je kan? But, I am so worried. He got himself injected last night, if the high fever do not kebah this morning, he has to meet the doctor and get himself injected again? Takde la, amik sample darah. Has yet to call him this morning. I hope he’s ok. I hope he do not need to go to meet the doctor again.

I am surprised, I am so worried about him. I have no idea why I love this boy guy so much.

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Posted by on March 23, 2005 in crash and burn


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