18 Apr

25 yrs ago, my grandparents house was full of people, families and friends, neighbours, the villagers, the villagers of the neighbouring villages.. Filling and emptying the seats under the khemah. There was this couple, smiling brightly on the dais. The kompang-boys beat(memukul kompang -beat ke?) their kompang while chanting the berzanji. My grandparents busy with the salam kaut. Rewang people busy with cleaning the tables and delivered the used plates and glasses to khemah basuh pinggan. hoo.. It must be a tiring day, the eldest daughter of bilal kampung is getting married.

Happy Anniversary to Mama and Ayah 🙂

+ + + + +

What’s wrong with Syarikat Air Johor? We always woke up in the morning with, “bgn, bgn, takde air ni”. hadoi! Dah banyak kali untuk 2 bulan terakhir. Alhamdulillah, rumah ada 3 tangki. Fuh~.. tp kalau mcm hari tu sampai takde air 3 hari. Fuh~.. sampai ayah aku pasang air-cond memanjang pasal nak tadah ‘air aircond’ utk tujuan di bilik air.

+ + + + +

Aizec bising2, begini bisingnya.
“awak masa first year dulu.. mak aii kurusnya. kurus la balik mcm tu”
I was 42kg or less. Now. I am ehm ehm kg, or more. 🙂 This is my ideal weight la. BMI tak sampai 20 pun.

Well, I replied with..
“tak fair la kalau kurus sorang2. Jom la kurus balik sama2 mcm awak kurus gile masa first year dulu”.

senyap pun.

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Posted by on April 18, 2005 in crash and burn


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