25 Apr

Unemployed + staying at home + doing nothing + house chores routines = boring person named Tuty.

My birthday is coming in less than a month, usually I would pester him to buy my birthday present, the best bday present for me. And this time, he said he has something in mind, makes me mati kutu.. apa eh apa eh?

I will try shed a few kilos before my convocation in August. My baju kurungs must be ready by now, but if I could slim down a bit more, I’ll go for kebaya. Tapi takde beza pun, pakai jubah jugak. Ok lah, let it be tshirt je la. Red baju kurung, under the maroon robe, sangat tak kena. kena tukar baju kurung la, silap betul pilih warna merah. hahha

Tuty is boring. Yes, boring. I really mean it, I am bored and I am boring. (luckily, he still find me interesting, yeah 🙂 )
This boringness had burn some zero-point-something kilo. such a unexciting way to lose weight..
Why eh my mama doesn’t has baju kurung to be sewn? To fill up my time, I shall learn to cut baju melayu and baju kurung, who knows, one day you or your ladies would upah me to sew your baju raya.

I had promised him a complete baju melayu, fully handmade by me – tulang belut teluk belanga and fully sembat also, when only he give up smoking, forever. The chances are thin, but I still put my hopes high. I know one day he will give up. kan sayang?

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Posted by on April 25, 2005 in crash and burn


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