for my baby

30 Apr

gambar lama..
when we were young
still young lah!
korang jgn tertipu, ni gambar zaman batu. he still kurus~ and me too.
a long distance relationship surely would not suit me. already, a 45-km-distance relationship had cost me quite a few misunderstandings.
he is absolutely not a perfect guy, i never said he is a perfect one, but he is the best one for my type. he laughs a lot, he makes me laugh everyday. sometimes, only by looking at his face pun boleh sakit perut. really, he has weird face.
his face always looks funny everytime he had his misai shaven. usually this occurs once a fortnight. he looks like one of ‘jantan miang’. he would brave himself to ask me, “how do i look today?”. in our early stage of this relationship, I would laugh out loud until he got pissed. well, he should understand, i went to girl school for 5 yrs. ok? later, after years of friendship, i’m used to those jantan miang faces.
this guy has a talent of scare me to death, anywhere. be it at his house or at the school area. he’ll hide and jump in front of my face. or run silently behind me and sergah me, when he said “you just wait for me at the car, i’ll be there soon”. luckily, aku tak sempat mati terkejut. however, I still find it amusing instead of irritating.
yes, he knows very well how to annoy me, especially when it comes to PMS time. “nangis la, nangis la. tak nak nangis ke?” would be his favourite phrase. but when i weep, “alamak, nangis ke?”.. he asked for it right? tears during PMS? oh so easy.
my idea of perfect guy is someone that could sing, that would sing for me while strumming his guitar. of course, i got one. walaupun bukan halwa telinga, but he made the songs he sang so unique. actually my perfect guy idea was incomplete, it should be like this: someone who could sing well, with the right pitching. like i said earlier, he is no perfect. 🙂
while some girlfriends could run their fingers in their guy’s unruly hair. my boyfriend does not have any hair (on his head). a 5-mm hair is considered long. it explains why he did not have any comb. even in his room.
of all people, he had once choose Afdlin Shauki to be his idol. WHAT?? believe me, he was an Afdlin look alike, botak, gemuk, gebu and ermmm buncit? thanks to local tv-series, AH-HA. sighh.. susah sgt nak betulkan mindset dia masa tu, “fat is beautiful”? or something like that. even his bestfriend, capao cannot believe his eyes. later when he found himself get semput easily, less attaractive(?), and his friends made fun of his buncit-ness. he worked on his diet. now he loses inches, the tummy is still there, within the acceptable limit. he looks hot, yeay~! hahaha
i am happy with him. i still feel berdebar2 while waiting for him to pick me, or driving to his place. i still go crazy with the scent of his splash cologne or his EDP.
jek, gua sayang lu, gila!
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