kelam malap

10 May

i woke up quite early today as i have to send my mother to school, and later use her car for my interview appointment. haha i am so lucky i have a teacher-mother because she wakes up very early everyday, including weekends. i wonder why her children would wake up only after 9 during weekends where she had done her laundry and jogged around the kampung, with my father.

i forgot how bad the traffic is in the morning in skudai. oh so gila. i was stucked here and there. and when i reach the jln kosong, my mind went kosong too, i made my way to ‘kuala lumpur’ instead of ‘johor bahru/kempas’ highway. cis~

since the interview appoinment letter was issued to me last week, i was tak senang duduk. kecut2 perut, tak keruan, mcm2 la!

the interview went well. though the first interviewer asked me about my cgpa.. I answered just to let him blurted, “out of 4?”. yes, sir. out of 4. i didn’t perform well in my university years. i also afraid of making mistakes, that is why i always find myself diam when everyone talk talk talk – in english. BUT today, when the first interviewer made slight mistakes, i smile.

aterwards, i found myself selesa with my broken english. sampai aku rasa, aku yg interview the 2nd interviewer. 😛 alahh.. you know la how bad my english is. to think that the company is a japanese company, the chance for me to get the position susah sikit because in my session, there was 2 jap grads.

i had just answered the most happiest phone call ever.
“Hello, Miss Tuty. I’m Ms XY from ABC, you went for our interview this morning. You are accepted for this position..”
“.. report on the 30th..”
..”if anything just call…, if possible open a RHB account..”

so my friend,
goodbye to my anggur plantation. the anggur tasted quite good.

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