coffee, anyone?

15 May

I am loyal tea drinker, a cup of kopi once in a while is alright. A pack of coffee in our house would sit in the container for few months before it went to tong sampah. Let it expensive (usually it would be a present/buah tgn) one or cap kapal api, 434. I must admit the taste of good coffee is refreshing, but it made me, sewel and high.
‘Kopi Tokmak’, is a must have everytime I reach my granny’s house. 3-4 spoonfuls of kopi, add some hot water, and sugar. heyy, ‘keras’ dan manis! We would sit around the table and borak-borak like no tomorrow, and of course being the one of the cucus, I would settle on tikar, watching tv while pasang telinga to catch up some hot gossips of our relatives (which some of them my mom wouldn’t tell them to us, ‘tak elok utk budak’ stuff). Even the 2yr old boy asked, “Nak opi”. That would be the time, a jug of tea on the table untouched.
A second cup, “eh? dah abis ke kopi tadi?”. Then it is the time for tea because no-one could beat tokmak’s kopi, even with the same measurement.
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Posted by on May 15, 2005 in crash and burn


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