schpit schpit

17 May

i don’t know which one i should make for myself, a cup of kopi or a tall glass of milo kaw-kaw. i am not in a good mood. shoot!~


i cant wait for 22nd of may.

i cant wait of 30th of may

i don’t want 18th of june to come, my driving license will mati.

i am looking fwd for end of august.

bos, i am ready to work. can i start now? i am damn bored here at home.

ayah said, in future until your retirement days, you won’t have this long long superlong cuti anymore. just enjoy it. he’s right, i think. i hope i’ll survive until that retirement days, or maybe i’ll die earlier. to leave this dunia sementara, i must prepare myself with sufficient iman and taqwa, i think i’m not ready to face the Al-Mighty. will I ever get ready?

i used to plan to save a lot of money for my future (ie my wedding), but now i feel like to spend everything for my mother, my father. though i always melawan ckp, they still allow me to stay in their beautiful house and never let me kebuluran. it’s their doa that made me to this point.

i miss my old friends, and i am thankful for my lovely ever-ready jb friends. nadia and hanim.

2 milo, 2 susu, 1 gula, kacau dgn air sejuk dulu sampai rata, baru buh air panas, ‘godak’ laju2 sampai kluar buih. Milo siap~.. sedap~.

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Posted by on May 17, 2005 in crash and burn


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