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20 May

If you have any chance to hop to another blog, find any blog whom the writer went to all-girl-boarding-school (okay, aku rasa ayat ni tunggang terbalik). You may find at least 5 items in their blogs, they wrote about the friendship, how close they were and still close though they do not see each other everyday, the way they used to be. How they share their thoughts about future, about family and kids, their dream guy and dream wedding.

From my blog, you would find numerous blogs like that. Not only the yellow uniform wearers, but also the greens. If you get what I mean. Tak paham pergi main jauh-jauh.

I had a chance to borak with one of my close friend in high school. Many stories and short time. I had a good time yesterday, I know someone would laugh at my lawak bodoh, my stupid imaginations about this and that, I asked her to ‘buat2 surprise’ bcos I bocorkan plan someone to surprise her on her big day.. and so on. I feel good, na na na na na na. I was me yesterday. Do you know how much this anggur plantation had change me to boring person? though I’ve resigned, my dream job is another week away. Oh bosannya duduk rumah makan tidur tgk tv, lucky I have streamyx.

Nadia would laugh about that dream job. hahahahha..

I’ve dreamt of him, 2 nights in a row, when we had a row. nyeahahahahha he called me today just before I almost pengsan waiting for his first call in 2 days. Boy, you don’t know that the lauks at my house were soooooo bad, the sayurs were soggy and salty.. It’s all because of you did not ring me.

Buang masa je.

Ehem.. I feel lucky to have him back. I acted badly last 2 days, and he dared (is it?) me to leave him. yes, he got it, together, i suffered for 2 days.

eh hello, lusa is my birthday. how could ever leave him? bodoh la i~.. sbb i tau dah ada hadiah.

p/s: I forever feel concious about my english writing. and now I have an english lecturer reading my blog.

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Posted by on May 20, 2005 in crash and burn


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