My birthday, F1, Bola.. Choose He Must. hahaha

22 May

I am typing this entry when everyone in most parts of the world are watching arsenal vs man u for FA cup (is it?). He told me earlier he couldn’t teman me for the movie because he had an appoinment with friends at 9. I was a really stupid dumbass didn’t realise it was, BOLA.

I reached home at 11 with my DAD ‘waiting’ for me at the doorstep, after catchin the ROTS with my old friend Romeno, yeah. My dad refused to allow my mom to go watch movie with me. hahah and I am sure if my mom went to the movie with me, we would be totally lost. Which is which and who’s who. After all I’ve only spent RM5.30 for Time Out bars and a bottle of Apple Pop Spritzer.

“Meno, kau gila minat tak dgn star wars?”
“Nanti aku tanya kau la. Aku ni takde la gila sgt, pastu lupa”

And he has been one with full of patience to explain anything to me. Now, he’s working with Pero-2, he told me EVERYTHING I should know about cars. Ehemm.. I learn a lot today. ACU? ABS? Piston? DVVT? VVTI? Oh now I know exactly wht they means. Wiser I am. 😀

I want to tell you JB folks, dont watch movie that ends after 10. Sengal gila la management City Square, semua escalator shut down & tutup pintu.. My boobs and bums are flatter than ever tonight, thanks for the small lifts they provided.

“Tomorrow I must be back at home before maghrib tau.”

My guy is obsessed with TV. Even on my birthday. It is 0013 hrs now. Tomorrow, whacked Someone must be. Sedih sial takded sape wish aku tgh mlm. I MISS SSP. seriously bloody badly missing those moments.

fortunately, Happy Birthday to me, and Zaha. Junaidi and Firdaus Adam from my primary too turn 24 today.

My mom gave life to a beautiful baby girl at her age of 24. 24 years later, her baby girl is still a baby afterall, despite the increasing size, she’s still disuap makan dari tgn ibunya. Thanks mama for the beautiful 24 years you have ever given me. At this age, I do not achieve even half what she had done, when she was half her age now.

Thanks my dear Ainul, sent me the first bday pressie. A diary, to kickstart my new career. hahahha.. sayang kamu babe.

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